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Advanced Color Blending

Tattoo Techniques with Carl Grace



In this lecture, Carl Grace goes from basic to advanced techniques for how to use color in a tattoo. With over four hours of detailed footage and discussion, Carl explains his step-by-step process of applying color to the skin. He introduces warms and cools, different tones and values of color, and how to layer and blend to create a nice, clean piece, as well as how to create focus in your composition. Machine and needle set-up and stencil application are also discussed. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for new ways to incorporate color, or a beginner wanting to challenge yourself with color layering and blending techniques, this lecture is the perfect tool to help you learn the correct methods to achieve a painterly, full-color tattoo.

Duration: 219 minutes

Format: HD 1280x720

Carl Grace

Tattoo Artist

Carl Grace has been tattooing for eleven years, establishing himself as an accomplished up-and-coming tattoo artist. After bringing his talent as a charcoal artist and illustrator to his works on skin, Carl developed a notable style of dark black-and-gray realism. Carl's most recent forays into color have won him numerous awards at tattoo conventions and brought him recognition from various magazines.