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Grooming in Yeti: Hair Solutions for an Animation Pipeline

Grooming in Yeti - Hair Solutions for an Animation Pipeline

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Creating Procedural Environments in Houdini with Wojtek Piwowarczyk

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Modeling and Rendering a Realistic Jumping Spider with Eric Keller

Eric Keller spider

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interview with. James Miller

Interview with James Miller


From Star Wars to How to Train Your Dragon, visual effects artist, James Miller, has produced critically acclaimed work across multiple blockbuster titles. In this interview, Miller divulges his insight when working in feature films for ILM and animated films for Dreamworks, plus, the highlights working for business divisions like the BBC. Miller also discloses key advice for new artists including an essential look into early career goals.

Read the interview with James Miller by Genese Davis

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Exterior Scene Development with Adrien Vallecilla

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Creating a Stylized Female Character