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If you’ve made it this far, you’re searching for the highest quality CG training to help you become the best artist you can be. We’re here to help

Founded by Alex Alvarez in 2000, The Gnomon Workshop was established to share professional techniques with those unable to attend the award-winning Gnomon School in Hollywood, California.

At The Gnomon Workshop, we understand that it’s not always possible to study on campus or take online classes in a different timezone. That’s why our library of over 300 video workshops — that’s over 1,000 hours of tuition — is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

All that separates you from the artists you admire is Passion, Patience, Practice, and Time.


We’ve been creating video training for over two decades. Our founder has worked on blockbusters including Avatar, Star Trek, Super 8, and Prometheus, and has been teaching some of the world’s most successful CG artists for over 20 years.

Your education is always our priority. We know firsthand how fast-paced the industry is and how essential it is to stay educated — even after you’ve graduated and landed your first job. Your learning should never stop. That’s why every one of our workshop titles is created by an industry professional — you will only ever learn from those who have already succeeded in the subject you’re looking to explore. So, every hour you spend learning is an hour invested in your future.


3D programs like Maya, Houdini, Unreal, V-Ray, and ZBrush make the games we play and the movies we watch visually richer and more believable — and they get better with each new release. The challenge is staying up-to-date with the latest technologies as computers continue to get faster, and software packages evolve.

Enter The Gnomon Workshop.

Our training represents the entire pipeline of animation and effects production and covers all the tools being used in the trenches. Workshops cover every step of the production process, from concept design and pre-viz to modeling, rigging, texturing, and matte painting. Our goal is to deliver only the most efficient and production-proven workflows so that you’re always on your A-game.

As well as our instructors being working professionals at studios around the world, studios across the globe look to us for help training their artists, too. Our Team Licenses* are already used by many awesome studios, including Riot Games, Framestore, and Ubisoft, to name a few.

*If you’re at a studio that needs The Gnomon Workshop, contact us for more information.


Where else can you find techniques and guidance by the late Syd Mead (Bladerunner), Ryan Church (Star Wars) and Dylan Cole (Avatar)? These incredible artists and many others are what make The Gnomon Workshop training library so unique.

Want to design and model vehicles? Harald Belker designed the Batmobile and the red Lexus in Minority Report. Are you interested in becoming a creature designer? Carlos Huante designed aliens and creatures for Men in Black and Hellboy. Are characters more your thing? Iain McCaig designed Darth Maul and the many looks of Princess Amidala in the Star Wars prequels. All these artists are instructors at The Gnomon Workshop.

If you’re a student at a school, ask your instructors about The Gnomon Workshop; we’re happy to help set up Team Licenses for groups of 5 or more!
Contact us for more information.