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Sefki Ibrahim

Senior Look Dev TD at ILM

Sefki Ibrahim currently works as a Senior Look-dev TD at ILM specializing in high-end digital doubles and characters. After graduating with an MA in Computer Animation, he started working as a freelancer, primarily for digital human demos and ads — from scan data and texture clean-up to digi-double modeling, texturing, grooming, and look dev. 

He’s previously lectured in computer animation, training students in the character art pipeline, and has developed a variety of tutorials for companies including Reallusion, TexturingXYZ, and 3D Artist magazine.

  • Sefki has a meticulous eye for detail and the ability to apply what he sees to generate hyper-realistic CG versions of real-world objects.

    - Sam Jackson
    Director, Sample and Hold

  • I had the pleasure of working with Sefki for a few months on creating a digital version of Einstein at The Mill. Simply put: he elevated the CG to an incredible level of photorealism. He’s clearly passionate about his work and the detail he puts in is second to none.

    - Alex Hammond
    Joint Head of 3D, The Mill

  • Sefki has a rare qualification of being both a sought-after expert in his field as well as an inspiring educator.

    - Richard Cunningham
    Computer Animation MA Course Director, Kingston University