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Johnny Fraser-Allen

Senior Concept Designer and Sculptor at Weta Workshop

Johnny Fraser-Allen is a senior conceptual designer and sculptor with over a decade¹s experience in the film industry at the award winning Weta Workshop. He has designed characters and creatures for Peter Jackson¹s King Kong and The Hobbit Trilogy, Andrew Adamson's Narnia Chronicles and Stephen Spielberg's Tintin. With the help of Weta's facilities and its creators, Richard Taylor and Tania Rogers, Johnny has spent over eight years creating the immersive world of 'The Gloaming Trilogy'. With three novels worth of written story, the Gloaming has been illustrated with over 40 sculptures, over fifty illustrations and more than one hundred watercolor painting which are now touring the world in the Gloaming exhibition. Johnny is also working on another sculpture based book project titled 'The Wandering Woods', as well as a children's book titled 'The Preschool Pirates'. He also created all of the illustrations for 'The Squickerwonkers¹ written by actress Evangeline Lilly, published through Titan books.

  • "I had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting the unique individual that is JFA eleven years ago. When Johnny walked into our lives, in walked the most incredible mind of enthusiasm for all things fancy and fun. Johnny has spent time working with us on multiple blockbuster feature films, interspersed with periods of endeavour in his own worlds. Johnny is both a wonderful artist and an incredible conceptual mind bringing a great deal of joy through the worlds that he invents and creates."

    - Richard Taylor
    Co-owner, Weta Workshop