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Key Illustration Workflow for Film & TV

Blender, 3D-Coat, Maya, KeyShot & Photoshop Techniques With Philippe Gaulier


When designing for film, there are many approaches an artist can take to conceptualize an idea. This 4-hour workshop by Framestore Art Director, Philippe Gaulier, walks you through one of the workflows he uses when creating concept art for his clients, whether it’s for a film or TV series.

Within this workshop, you’ll discover the various techniques and approaches that help Philippe to work efficiently while maintaining flexibility throughout the concepting process. He begins by describing how he builds his own assets with a combination of Blender and 3D-Coat, using Maya for character posing, and then demonstrates how he creates a variety of dynamic compositions with interesting light scenarios to explore his ideas. Once happy with the compositions, he renders them out in KeyShot before adding his final touches in Photoshop.

The particular method taught in this workshop allows Philippe to create a set of distinct images, each telling a different story. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll see five finalized illustrations that all help communicate the concept to Philippe’s client.

While this tutorial features many helpful technical tips and tricks, it focuses on the creative process, providing you with a methodology that you can apply to any software of your choice. By completing this workshop, you will gain great insights into analyzing client briefs to create fantastic key illustrations and concept art — while thoroughly enjoying the creative process along the way!

Duration: 3h 46m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Philippe Gaulier

Art Director at Framestore

Philippe Gaulier graduated from the ESAG Penninghen in Paris in 1999, where he studied graphic design, illustration, and art direction. After working for a few years in Paris, he eventually crossed the sea to London to work in the film industry. There he enjoyed some senior positions in the art departments at various major VFX facilities, including Double Negative, MPC, and Method Studios.

While at Method, he developed relationships with other studios and worked directly for Marvel, Disney, Warner Bros, and others as part of their on-set Art Department teams. Some of the most recent films he has worked on include The Matrix Resurrections, Slumberland, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Philippe moved to Los Angeles to work as Art Director for Method Studios for several years before later joining Framestore as Art Director, where he’s now been working for the last three years.

Follow Philippe on Instagram @philippe_gaulier and on Twitter @PhGaulier.

  • Philippe Gaulier is one of the best concept artists I’ve had the pleasure to work with on many epic-scale visual films. One can easily lose themselves in his layered illustrations. He has brought his incredible skills as an illustrator transcending seamlessly to the digital medium. It would be a boon to anyone to receive his techniques, knowledge, and insights using these creative tools. Philippe is relentless in the adaptation of his fantastic art in the ever-changing digital world while keeping the integrity of classic conceptual art and originality. It would be truly beneficial and advantageous to any artist to see how Philippe navigates his creativity within these digital mediums.

    - Tani Kunitake
    Concept Artist

  • I've been a huge fan of Philippe Gaulier’s artwork for many years. He is a master of world-building, and his skills with atmosphere, mood, and scale are constantly inspirational. He has so much experience in the entertainment industry with a wide variety of A-list projects. I was lucky enough to work closely with him on a few films and got to see behind the curtain of Philippe's techniques and tricks. What’s even more impressive is that he can be so talented but also deeply humble and willing to share what he has gathered from a highly successful career. Don’t miss a chance to learn from him, as he has a deep well of artistic, technical, and industry knowledge!

    - George Hull
    Senior Conceptual Designer

  • The first time I saw Philippe’s work was when his amazing illustrations for Jupiter Ascending were trending on all the concept art websites. Since then, I have followed his stellar career on many of the most sought-after franchises. He is truly one of the most prolific and inspired artists in the industry and all while remaining an amazingly kind person. I am convinced that his Gnomon Workshop tutorials will quickly become indispensable for any aspiring artist in the entertainment industry.

    - Christian Scheurer
    Concept Artist