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Clay to Bronze

An Encyclopedic Guide to Making Bronze Statues with John Brown


Since at least 1200 BC the great civilizations of the old world have worked in bronze for art. From Barye to Degas, Rodin to Remington, Picasso to Giacometti, bronze has played a major role in the figurative art world, and the process involved has defined & influenced the technical standards of sculpture today. Making bronze sculptures is a highly skilled, multifaceted, potentially dangerous art form that employs a vast array of technical knowledge & materials no sculptor should be without. This tutorial will concentrate on the techniques of the lost wax process and provide the sculptor with an in depth knowledge of this old world process. The lost wax process at it’s core is a science involving mold making, casting, melting, cutting, drilling, grinding, welding, oxidization, torching, polishing, & not to mention significant amounts of heat. Each chapter on this tutorial will uncover pertinent theory that will shape & define the sculptor’s thought process. The objectives of this tutorial are to show the numerous steps involved with new insightful knowledge and technique. To provide options & alternatives & broaden the sculptors use & knowledge of the casting materials & tools involved. To teach the artist how to be resourceful with regards to time and expense as well as how to break into the fine art business and start selling your sculptures. Bronze is a medium with universal appeal, garnering the appreciation and adoration of artists and art aficionados alike, for millennia. It is the only solution to creating artwork that will truly stand the test of time.

Duration: 2h 30m

Format: HD 1920x1080

John Brown

Character / Creature Designer Sculptor

With over forty film and television credits, John Brown’s skills as a sculptor placed him in the top live-action special make-up FX houses in Hollywood. Credits include Alien Resurrection, Species 2, George of the Jungle, Jumanji, X-Files, Mars Attacks, Bless The Child, Monkeybone, The Cell, Spy Kids, Scary Movie 2, Planet of the Apes and a host of others. John is also a bronze figurative artist whose sculptures reside in private collections throughout the United States.

  • In this new set of lessons from one of America’s leading figurative sculpting tutors – John Browns approach on how to sculpt the planes of the human male head is carefully and methodically explained. John’s teachings deliver a pragmatic set of simple to understand lessons that help ground the sculptor in the critical importance of learning the fundamentals of this art. It is these fundamentals that our creative team here at Weta Workshop value as the underpinning of our sculpting process – whether we are sculpting a hyper realistic figure or a more fantastical alien creature. Johns insistence that, all good work must be underpinned by a thorough understanding of structure and form, is also the cornerstone of our creative process .

    - Richard Taylor
    Co-Owner and Creative Director Weta Workshop