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Digital Painting in Photoshop

Interface, Tools, Tips & Techniques With Dave Neale


Take your digital painting to the next level with this 4-hour workshop dedicated to teaching the foundations of professional-level painting in Photoshop. As the leading 2D creative software used throughout the world by artists in the digital entertainment industry, this extremely versatile tool serves many different disciplines, including Illustration, Concept Art, Matte Painting, Texture Painting — and the list goes on. With so many uses, the power of the software can also make it intimidating to learn. In this detailed Photoshop tutorial, Concept Artist Dave Neale demystifies all the key tool settings, menus, and shortcuts needed to create industry-standard digital paintings to help you get started. Dave provides a clear understanding of how you can utilize this exciting program and leverage it for your very own creative projects.

To give you a really great overview of all of the potential uses of the software, Dave begins with a guide to setting up an efficient workspace, using Photoshop Actions to automate and streamline your workflow. He demonstrates how to get to grips with the Photoshop Pen Tool, and shows how to use Photoshop Selections, Adjustment Layers, and Layer Styles. You’ll also learn how to use Photoshop Filters, explore the Transform tools, discover how to utilize Masks, plus much more. Dave concludes the workshop with his professional tips and helpful processes that will come in handy as you tackle your own future digital painting projects. He also provides a complete walkthrough of how he organizes his images for clients so that you can hand off your next project like a pro.

Duration: 3h 45m

Format: HD 1920x1080


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Dave Neale

Concept Artist

Dave Neale is based in London, England, where he works as a Freelance Concept Artist in Animation, Film, Advertising, Publishing, and Game Design. He is always excited by the variety of work that comes with freelancing and has worked for clients all over the world, mainly creating stylized creatures and character designs. His clients include EA Games, Warner Bros, Passion Pictures, MPC, The Mill, Ford, Netflix, Mercedes, Oxford University Press, Nestle; he also worked on Fantastic Beasts.

  • Dave is one of the best in capturing the essence of a character or a creature design. Whether it is a quick sketch or a finished illustration, his work feels alive and very believable. I personally struggled a lot with this during my early days in my career and looking at and learning from Dave’s work helped me improve that.

    - Jama Jurabaev

  • Dave is an incredibly versatile artist with a deep knowledge of art fundamentals. He also has a way of teaching that is both captivating and enriching.

    - Kan Muftic

  • I love Dave's approach to art and teaching. You will certainly pick something up from him that will change your work positively, I sure have!

    - Gilles Ketting

  • Dave has an uncanny knowledge of character design and how to fit such huge personalities into the smallest areas. His methodical approach to his art is not only consistent but very unique.

    - Richard Anderson