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CityEngine in VFX

Shot Based Approach To High Quality Procedural Film Sets


In this seven hour lecture, Matthias Buehler discusses the creation of procedural digital film sets. He focuses on a practical approach towards efficiently translating concept art into a procedurally generated set, addressing the important topics of directability and designing the modeling procedures for a specific, shot based application. He continues with introductions to Esri CityEngine and NextLimit's Maxwell Render. Further on, he presents an example of a near-futuristic Dubai-esque set in CityEngine, then continues to show how to create a second, similar set from scratch. Using a proposed scripted render pipeline that allows rapid design iterations, he ports all geometries to Maya to render the scene in Maxwell Render, using the automatically referenced final shaders. Finally, he steps through a custom PhotoShop action, to retouch each rendering to final quality.

Duration: 419 minutes

Format: HD 1920x1080

Matthias Buehler

Founder 'vrbn'

After graduating in architecture from ETH Zurich (MSc Arch ETH), Matthias has worked in landscape architecture, attended the Gnomon School, worked in architectural visualization and then has been part of the CityEngine development team for almost five years. He has a deep knowledge of 3D Modeling, Rendering, Visualization, Digital Sets and VFX. He has been the CityEngine Tech Support Lead and Product Engineer, has hosted countless international presentations, workshops and software training events. After this, Matthias has been a CityEngine consultant and the Head of 3D Technologies at Garsdale Design. He was then hired to integrate CityEngine in the workflows of Scanline VFX in Vancouver, for the Hollywood blockbuster 'Independence Day Resurgence'. With his own company vrbn (say 'urban'), he now offers highend 3D city services for all industries.

  • "Matthias is able to combine the best of architecture and procedural modeling. As a trained architect and visual effects expert who contributed to the CityEngine software development for several years, Matthias has the ideal skill set to teach the basics of procedural modeling as well as give exclusive insights into the software. This video is perfect for anybody wanting to learn procedural techniques for the creation of digital sets."

    - Pascal Mueller
    CityEngine Inventor & Product Lead Director Esri R&D Center Zurich